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The World has never been tougher for teens
and their parents! 

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One-on-one coaching

In what area can we best support you?

Optimizing your mindset is imperative to success in your athletic performance.


Create a customized performance blueprint to help you achieve high academic results.


Gain techniques to get you into the flow and operate in a state of peak performance.


Manage your emotions, boost confidence and feel empowered regardless of what you are doing. 


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 Seeking solutions 

The fact that you’re here means that you are seeking solutions for your teen.


As parents, we know all too well the feeling of wanting to help our children and feeling like we’d go to any length to do so…


Maybe you’ve tried to hire the best support you could afford, but it wasn’t what you expected…


Let’s face it, we live in complicated times and watching your teen navigate the complexities of growing up during this time adds layers of parenting challenges as well. 

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Teen struggles

Perhaps your teen struggles with a lack of confidence, increasing stress and overwhelmed feelings.  As a result, your teen might be experiencing self-defeating feelings and an overall state of what seems to be constant irritability.


Or perhaps your teen is challenged with performance stress, pushing themselves to what may seem as unreasonable expectations. While their intentions are to do their best, there may be a self-imposed block that is causing that feeling of “stuck” they’re experiencing.


Or perhaps your teen struggles with social anxiety and what started out as general shyness is now manifesting into different habits that are affecting their personal and academic life.


Regardless of the challenge, we know it pains you to see them struggle, watching them be increasingly hard on themselves and constantly worry. 

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As you notice things are becoming more challenging it’s time to take action and our coaches at EleVive are here to help

70% wish their school taught them more about mental health and coping mechanisms. (Harris Poll)

94% of college counselors reported seeing an increased number of students with psychological problems. (American College Counseling Association)

Approximately 80% of teens say they experience stress daily.  (American Psychological

Research from a Pew survey in February 2019 found that 70% of teens say anxiety and depression is a “major problem” among their peers, and an additional 26% say it’s a minor problem.

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Imagine finding the right level of training to help your teen

finally release those obstacles and limitations.

How will YOU feel when those are no longer an issue? 

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We help your teen learn real-life skills

At EleVive, we help your teen learn real-life skills to cope with stress so your child can optimize their mindset and reach peak performance. 


Imagine your adolescent experiencing a step-by-step training system to help them achieve:


Growth Mindset

Higher Self-Esteem

Peak Performance




Stress Management

Emotional Control

We understand that the process of learning should be fun and engaging, much like working with your friend, not just an instructor. 

We help your teen elevate their performance so they

can thrive in life. 

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What we do?

Founded by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, mom of two teens, clinical psychologist and physical therapist, EleVive teaches research-supported strategies to optimize your teen’s mindset through a proven skills-based curriculum, giving them the tools they need to cope with stress for the rest of their lives.

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Dr. E’s patented Neuro-Regenerative Training™ System is a revolutionary approach, applying neuroscientific principles to optimize performance, that anyone can learn with the right training.

How we can help your child succeed? 


Optimizing your mindset is imperative to success in your athletic performance.

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Create a customized performance blueprint to help you achieve higher academic results.

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Performing Arts

Gain techniques to get you into the

flow and operate in a state of peak performance.

Social Anxiety

Manage your emotions, boost confidence and feel empowered regardless of what you are doing.


Being a parent can be tough, and while there are countless books out there, which approaches are really best for you and your family? EleVive is here to help.


Dr. E is America's
most trusted
celebrity psychologist 

Dr. E has over 100 national media appearances on shows like Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, The TODAY Show, Steve Harvey, CNN and Fox Business News and has contributed articles in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, SUCCESS, Fast Company, Better Homes & Gardens, Forbes and others. A Licensed Practicing Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy, Dr. E is a bestselling author of “A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness” and “Better Than Perfect:

7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life

You Love.”


Dr. E has personally helped athletes and high-performing executives crush their inner critic, optimize their mindset, and create true success.

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Case studies

Connor and his dad played golf together for as long as Connor could remember. And, since middle school, he had been playing on a golf team. Because of his passion for the sport, his parents had hired a golf coach to help Connor perfect his swing. Overall, he was steadily improving and was consistently one of the top players on his team.


Then things started changing. One shank wreaked havoc on the rest of his game. Sometimes he would shoot in the mid 70’s. Others, it was in the high 90’s. Connor was devastated, impacting not only his golf, but also his confidence.


When Connor came to EleVive, he told his coach, “I have the yips.” In reality, he had a mindset issue that was able to be corrected.


Working with his EleVive coach, Connor developed the tools to get him into “the zone,” to be truly present with his golf and let past shots stay in the past. As a result, Connor’s confidence and excitement for his sport grew, while his score consistently declined.

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