Does your student...


Underperform on exams and other academic evaluations, such as standardized tests?


Experience high levels of stress that interfere

with learning?


Have difficulty retaining and recalling new information

in school?


Struggle with self-esteem issues that adversely impact their academic performance?


Want to gain an edge to take their academics

to an even higher level?


EleVive can help by providing...


An understanding of the role your mind plays in your success — or lack of success — in your academic performance.

A patented system called

Neuro-Regenerative Training™ (NRT) that will optimize your mindset.

Actionable strategies to apply before, during and after a exams to optimize outcome. 

Strategies to manage your emotions and boost confidence, focus and achievements at school.

A customized performance-strategy “blueprint” to help guide you toward better academic results.

Cultivate grit, growth mindset, and healthy self confidence to thrive in life!


Programs for your teen

Want to take your performance to a whole new level? Here's how we can help.

1:1 Coaching

Student and coach work directly together to meet the unique needs of your teen.

Parents Program

How can we best support you?

We are here to get you on an even better path.


Case studies

Emily knew the material. At least she did when she

was reading over her notes. But her stress seemed to consume her knowledge. She would get 100% on all

of her homework assignments but when it came to tests, she just could not think clearly. “It is no use,” she told

her mom. And that is when her parents decided to

try EleVive.


Emily had a habit of giving up as soon as her stress started creeping in. She was convinced she was “stupid” when she could not promptly figure out an answer to

a math problem.


With her EleVive coach, Emily learned skills such as grit and cultivating her growth mindset. Rather than view academics as an enemy, she started to see learning as almost a fun game where, with the right time and energy, she could learn and figure anything out.


The result? Not only did she overcome her academic stress, but she really started to thrive – academically

and emotionally.