What is the EleVive Home Study Program?

Our Home Study program is ideal for self-motivated students and parents who want to benefit from the EleVive program at their own pace in a cost-effective way. 


Home Study program uses 21 short-form animated videos to teach your child how to better cope with the different types of stress they’ll face in life. Each video focuses on an individual skill, such as: how to better control stress, ways to enhance self-esteem, healthy coping strategies, communication skills, tools to crush your inner critic, science-based strategies to boost happiness and purpose-driven living. 

Does your teen…


Have the inner motivation to go through the Home Study program on their own?


Experience high levels of distress in the form of anxiety, worry, irritability, frustration or other unwanted emotions?


Feel overwhelmed with their life?


Have difficulty using helpful coping strategies?


Suffer from low self-esteem in some or many areas of their life?


Tend to beat themselves up about not being

good enough?

If so, the EleVive Home Study program is a great option for you.

How does it work?


Research-supported training in a fun way


21 animated videos that teach one core

Elevive concept


Less than 3 minutes each day


Entertaining and educational


Videos are sent out daily and they will have

access to the library


67% feel pressure to keep feelings to themselves.

65% try to deal with their feelings on their own.

82% of teens are calling on America to talk more openly and honestly about mental health issues in this country.

67% pretend to feel better to not worry anyone.

A comprehensive survey commissioned by National 4‑H Council and conducted by the Harris poll. Found the following:

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46% of teens reported social media as their most common outlet for learning about coping mechanisms for mental health and 43% follow or support someone on social media who openly talks about their mental health issues.

Is that the best information for your teen?