Be the Best Parent

to Your Children

Being a parent can be tough, and while there are countless how-to books out there, how do you know which approach is best for you and your family?

Do you ever...


Have concerns about how to best help your child? 


Feel like your children are not really listening to you?


Want your child to be more resilient and deal with

stress better?


Wish your child had better coping skills so they could

be more successful in their current and future life?


Feel overwhelmed as a parent and wish you had a confidante who is empathetic and knowledgeable about how you could be an even better parent?

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If you are like most parents, you probably answered YES to all of these questions. And, it is understandable. That is where EleVive comes in, to provide you customized support that is uniquely tailored to you and your family. 


Instead of struggling

with parenting decisions,


Having your own personal parenting expert to help you navigate the teen years.

Enjoying more laughter and less yelling in your home.

Your children learning the skills they need to success, now and later, in a way they welcome rather than avoid.

Having less stress, guilt and feelings of being overwhelmed as a parent and a person.

Knowing that you’re offering your children the very best parenting possible.


EleVive Programs

How can we best support you? We are here to get you on an even better path.

1:1 Coaching

Parent and coach work directly together to meet the unique needs of you and your teen.

EleVive Membership

Parenting trainings by Dr. E

and other esteemed experts.


Case studies

Michelle was a mother of three children, each one so different from the others. Her oldest breezed through school, academically and socially. The middle one was a very strong athlete and excelled on the field and in school. Her youngest, though, was struggling. Her son was a 14-year-old freshman who was having challenges with the transition into high school.


Socially, academically, and in his sport (he played football) her son was doing well enough that the

school was not intervening, but Michelle knew he was not performing up to his potential. What was

worse was that her son wasdownon himself, often making negative comments about his abilities,

especially compared to his siblings. Despite all that she tried to do to help her son, Michelle felt helpless.

That is, until Michelle decided to work with EleVive. With her coach, Michelle learned immediatelyapplicable tools to help her feel more empowered and to better support her son. She was amazed howimpactful they were.

“I honestly didn’t think there would be this much of a change in him and frankly in me in such a short time.

I think every parent should get this training!”