Does your teen...


Perform inconsistently, depending on their level of stress?


Have difficulty moving on from an unexpected event when performing?


Struggle with self-esteem issues that adversely impact their performance?


Want to gain the edge in their art to take their performance to an even higher level?


EleVive can help by providing...


An understanding of the role your mind plays in your success — or lack of success — in your athletic performance.

A patented system called

Neuro-Regenerative Training™ (NRT) that will take you to the next level. 

Actionable strategies to apply before, during and after a performance to optimize outcome. 

Techniques to get you into a

“flow state” zone and operate in a state of peak performance.

A customized performance-strategy “blueprint” to help guide you toward better academic results.

Strategies to manage your emotions and boost confidence, focus and achievements within your performing art.


Programs for your teen

Want to take your performance to a whole new level? Here's how we can help.

1:1 Coaching

Student and coach work directly together to meet the unique needs of your teen.

Parents Program

How can we best support you?

We are here to get you on an even better path.


Case studies

Cassie was 6 years old when her grandmother took her downtown to see her first live musical. She was hooked. She knew this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life: perform. And for the next 11 years, she focused on singing and acting, with the goal to get into a top performing arts college.


Then, something happened. Cassie, who had always loved performing, started to get really nervous before tryouts. “I have to get the lead part or else I will never

get into college” echoed through her head. And with this inner dialogue, she was not able to remember her lines, which made her more nervous, and her performance suffered. 


Working with her EleVive coach, Cassie was able to learn the skills to better manage her self-defeating thoughts. She developed habits to mentally prepare her: before, during and after tryouts and performances that allowed her to shine on stage. Ultimately, Cassie did get into the college of her dreams where she still has her eyes set

on Broadway.