Does your teen...


Experience anxiety when they’re in, or even thinking about, social situations?


Have difficulties starting or carrying on a conversation with others?


Worry about interacting with others?


Avoid social, academic or extracurricular events because of anxiety?


EleVive can help by providing...


An understanding of the role your brain plays in how you feel in social situations.

A patented system called Neuro-Regenerative Training™ (NRT) that will help you “rewire” your brain. 

Actionable strategies to apply before, during and after a social encounter.

Strategies to manage your emotions and boost confidence, focus and achievements, regardless of what you’re doing.

A customized performance-strategy “blueprint” to help you become more comfortable interacting

with others.

Skills training to help you finally enjoy social events.


Programs for your teen

Want to take your performance to a whole new level? Here's how we can help.

1:1 Coaching

Student and coach work directly together to meet the unique needs of your teen.

Parents Program

How can we best support you?

We are here to get you on an even better path.


Case studies

Will was lonely. Really lonely. Sure, he was around other teens his own age a lot, but he didn’t really connect with them. Despite being six feet tall, he felt like he was invisible. Aside from his parents, no one ever really talked to him. And, although he wanted to have a close friend, he was petrified to speak with anyone outside his family. This led to problems not only in his social life but also at school; joint projects were terrifying for Will, and he often ended up avoiding any interaction with his partner, which angered his partner and resulted in a grade below his abilities.


At EleVive, Will was able to realize that he could

change how he viewed himself. Learning the skills of

Neuro-Regenerative Training, he rewired his brain so, rather than feeling fear, he learned how to enjoy certain social interactions. During his senior year, he asked a date to the prom (something he never could imagine doing before EleVive) and had a great time.